The Business Owner’s Guide to Goal Achievement

You’ve got a lot at stake as a business owner. So what can you do to put your company in the best position to over-achieve?

Join Full Focus CEO Megan Hyatt Miller as she reveals a goal-achievement framework just for business owners that clarifies your vision, aligns your team, and puts your company on track to realize your biggest goals.

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Create Goals that Make Overachieving as a Company a Happy By-Product

In this training, you’ll discover how to set goals for your company and get each team-member and department pulling in the same direction. Some of what you’ll learn includes:

  • Why the difference in how you set goals as an individual and how you set goals as a business owner makes all the difference in your company’s success.
  • The three happy side effects of a properly constructed company vision (and how to create one).
  • The four essential ingredients to goals that motivate (even better, when your team follows the blueprint, reaching your biggest milestones happens almost on its own).
  • And much more...

Price: $54 FREE for immediate access

Meet Your Host

Megan Hyatt Miller

Megan Hyatt Miller is the President and Chief Executive Officer at Full Focus and the co-host of the popular Business Accelerator® podcast. As the chief executive of Full Focus, Megan developed BusinessAccelerator into the premier coaching program for small business owners, and has grown the Full Focus Planner to sell over 1 million copies. Megan is also Michael's oldest daughter, co-author of two books: Mind Your Mindset and Win At Work & Succeed At Life. Megan is also the architect of Full Focus's award-winning culture, which was named one of Inc. Magazine’s Best Workplaces for 2020 and 2021. When she’s not taking the company to new heights, she’s fully present at home with her husband Joel and five kids in Franklin, Tennessee.